• Image of Honing and sharpening services
  • Image of Honing and sharpening services

Purchase select this service if you want me to hone your straight razor from a dull, harsh state to a sharp, smooth, skin friendly blade capable of providing close, comfortable shaves.

The straight razor blade can be of any size or grind except wedge or near wedge which costs (purchase two honing services) double because it usually takes twice as long to hone. Please refer to the second photo for grind reference.
You'll be provided with a mailing address after purchasing this service.

You have a choice of choosing a Belgian Coticule whetstone, Japanese Natural whetsone or a synthetic edge (please indicate your choice in the note section or via email). The default choice is Japanese Natural Whetstones for that's what I use for my personal razors. All razors are honed by hand, not wheels or other machinery.

The straight razor cutting edge must be in a normal, undamaged working condition (no cracks, chips, warped spines or edges). If the blade is damaged please contact me about restoring it first.

If you aren't sure of the condition of the straight razor sending me a photo or describing it will help.

If you would like me to restore a straight razor please select my restoration services.

The price is for honing one straight razor. I don't hone razors made in China or Pakistan.

SHIPPING recommendation: I don't recommend spending a lot on shipping. If the razor came with box (metal or hard cardboard) a padded envelop can be used to minimize shipping costs. First Class or Priority shipping labels can be printed from home from the U.S. Postal Service's site: USPS.COM

Another easy option is to ship in a USPS Small Priority Box. Cost is less than $6. A label can printed from home from USPS.COM

Please feel free to ask questions.