• Image of Straight Razor Restoration Services

Please select this service if you want your straight razor to be restored or refurbished for use. It is important to let me know what the razor needs before purchasing this service.

Restoration involves removing minor rust, pitting and blemishes.
Removing small chips or frowns from the cutting edge of the blade by correcting the shaving edge.
Putting on razor handle/scales (sold separately), tightening pins and centering the blade inside the scales.
Etching and decoration (i.e. gold) will be protected during the restoration or honing/sharpening process (separate service).
Most of my restoration process is done by hand and I pay close attention to protecting the temper of the steel.

You'll be provided with a mailing address after purchasing this service. After the restoration I will include a before and after picture and a list of the actions taken to restore the razor.
I highly recommend taking "before" pictures. Once I examine the razor (I will look at the blade under a magnifying lens) I'll be able to provide more accurate feedback. I will do my best to provide as much information before you make a purchase so please ask questions. If you don't have access to a camera, there is no need to worry, I always take before pics.

Please feel free to ask questions.